Level Up – Life Challenge: How much Water are you drinking?

Join us as we Level up in Life.

The first step is we start with ourselves.

Do something your future self will thank you for.

Our daily goal is 1 gallon of water (128oz).

To break it down, think of it like this:

1 bottle of water is 16.9oz, so you need 7.5-8 bottles a day to reach this goal.

Start with drinking a bottle of water at these times:

1. When you wake up

2. Before or After a bath/shower

3. 30 Mins before a meal (start with 1 meal, then 2, then3)

4. During or after a workout

5. Before going to bed

–That gets you to 5 bottles.

Try adding these every day, if you haven’t already.

Small steps…make big changes.

–Coach Estreya