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Welcome to Avenger Athletics.
Avenger Athletics is a Private Training Facility that specializes in strength training.

Our Goal: We are here to help make people stronger, which is the foundation to everything we do, in and out of the gym! We provide expert training that is scalable for all levels of fitness and all walks of life; individuals, spouses, families, athletes, and LEOs.

Our Mission: As humans, we are so busy working and taking care of other people that we tend to forget about ourselves. Join us as we create a movement of salvation. We are saving ourselves so we can be better parents, children, spouses, and humans. We are here to help you enjoy your life and count the memories you make by creating healthy habits and increasing longevity of life.

Our coaches


Qualifications: Conjugate Tactical Certified Coach Powerlifting Coach USA Powerlifting State Referee SafeSport Certified Strongman Coach Aerobics Capacity Gymnastics First Aid, CPR/AED

Hey hey Everyone, I’m Coach Estreya. I am the owner of Avenger Athletics, in Harrisburg, PA. As a strength coach; my goal is to help people gain strength, eat good foods that fuel their body, and mentally tackle anything that may come up in life, in and out of the gym. During that process, they will get stronger, leaner, and healthier. I make strength monsters out of people that like to compete in Powerlifting & Strongman. They go to Nationals, The Arnold, & get invited to Worlds. I also keep our military/LEOs strong & ready for whatever may come their way, so they make it home to their families. In addition to that, I help people with terminal illnesses extend their lives by changing their nutrition & introducing strength. “It’s never too late to start strength training. You’ll need it for the rest of your life!” USAPL Coach – 2019: PA States (Philadelphia, PA) Local (York, PA) Mid-Atlantic Regionals (Reading, PA) Raw Nationals (Lombard, IL) HS States (Reading, PA) Coach 2020: Arnold Sports Festival, USAPL Squat Challenge (Columbus, OH) USAPL HS Nationals (Killeen, TX) – COVID…Cancelled IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championship (Belarus, Minsk) – COVID…Cancelled USA Powerlifting – Avenger Athletics Showdown 2020 (July 25th, 2020) Strongman Corp – Nittany Barbell Club – Clash of Infidels (Oct 25, 2020) Coach 2021: Strongman Corp- PA Dutch Strong 10 (March 20th, 2021) USAPL – Pennsylvania States 2021 (April 24th, 2021) USPA Drug Tested PA State Championships – (May 1st, 2021) USAPL High School & Teen Nationals 2021 (May 27th-30th, 2021) USAPL Bench, Open, Masters, Youth Nationals 2021 (June 14th-19th, 2021) Strongman Corp – Avengers Infinity Gauntlet (July 31st, 2021) Strongman Corp – Nittany Rumble to Strongman Comp II (Aug 22nd, 2021) Steel City’s Strongest 2021 (Sept 18th, 2021) USPA Monster Meet (Oct 2nd, 2021) Strongman Corp Masters Nationals 2021 (Oct 8-9th 2021) Coach 2022: Arnold Sports Festival, USAPL Squat Challenge (Columbus, OH) March 06, 2022) APF Cincinnati Women’s Pro/AM (April 9th, 2022) USPA Drug Tested York Barbell Championship (April 23rd, 2022) Strongman Corp – Avengers Infinity Gauntlet II (July 31st, 2022) Avengers Monsters Smash – (Oct 8th, 2022, Sanction PA-2022-23) Strongman Corp Nationals- (October 31st, 2022)

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