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Welcome to Avenger Athletics.
Avenger Athletics is a Private Training Facility in Harrisburg, PA that specializes in strength training.

Our Goal: We are here to help make people stronger, which is the foundation to everything we do, in and out of the gym! We provide expert training that is scalable for all levels of fitness and all walks of life; individuals, spouses, families, athletes, and 1st Responders via Personal Training and Group/Team Training. Our Coaches collaborate with you to craft a progressive goal oriented training plan for sports teams, corporate, first responder teams, or work places/events, church/youth groups, etc.

Our Mission: As humans, we are so busy working and taking care of other people that we tend to forget about ourselves. Join us as we create a movement of salvation. We are saving ourselves so we can be better parents, children, spouses, and humans. We are here to help you enjoy your life and count the memories you make by creating healthy habits and increasing longevity of life.

Our Avenger ATeam

Estreya & Rosco

Hey hey Everyone, I’m Coach Estreya w/Rosco our gym dog greeter. I am the owner of Avenger Athletics, in Harrisburg, PA. As a strength & nutrition coach; my goal is to help people gain strength, eat good foods that fuel their body, and mentally tackle anything that may come up in life, in and out of the gym. During that process, they will get stronger, both mentally & physically, and get healthier.

I also keep our military/LEOs strong & ready for whatever may come their way, so they make it home to their families. In addition to that, I help people with terminal illnesses extend their lives by changing their nutrition & introducing strength. “It’s never too late to start strength training. You’ll need it for the rest of your life!”


Hi, my name is Coach Jarrad.  I have been involved in weight training and exercise since I was a teenager through playing sports, the military service, a volunteer firefighter, my law enforcement career, and as a soccer and basketball coach.  Throughout this journey I have made mistakes, been coached by some excellent fitness coaches and some not so good coaches.  I have been able to use those experiences in my own sports coaching, law enforcement instructor development, personal fitness and professional life to be a better student, coach, and athlete.  Over the past 30+ years  my personal fitness has been a focus of mine to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to be prepared for what my law enforcement career could throw at me in a moment’s notice.  Regular exercise and lifting heavy weight helped me through some very stressful events in my life and helped me overcome PTSD.  The past 10 years I gravitated to a more functional fitness environment with CrossFit, then a combination of Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting and more recently Strongman training.  I trained with some very experienced coaches in Olympic and Powerlifting and understand these complex movements and the realistic limitations each of us may have due to injury recovery, fitness level, overall health and mobility.  I view myself first as a student, always willing to listen and learn which translates into being a more effective coach and person.  I am not a “fitness junky”, although my wife may disagree, HA, HA! or an overbearing “fitness nut” who sports 6-pack abs, or who has a social media presence of muscle flexing photos.  I understand life happens and at times life can be a rollercoaster and there are times I have to drag myself into the gym.  There are days where you just aren’t feeling it.  But I also know I will feel better once I complete my workout and for me to be healthier in mind, body and spirit I have to make time for myself and focus a little on my own fitness and get to the gym.


Hi, my name is Jordan. I am an aspiring Strength and Conditioning Coach fueled by a lifelong passion for fitness and basketball. I have led both high school and college basketball teams to success as captain. I graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science from Dean College in 2021, where I was honored with the 2021 GNAC Co-Man of The Year Award. I find solace and fulfillment in the gym. I believe it holds the potential to be a sanctuary for all. I prioritize patience and the safety of my clients above all else. Whether it’s weightlifting or cardio, I thrive on the notion that exercise is crucial for a fulfilling life.

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