Avenger Athletics: LEVEL UP – 90 Days of Consistency

Avenger Athletics will be leveling up for the New Year.

Reflection…here we go into another year, hopefully not full of bs.😂 I said what I said!

Well it’s been a rough couple years for a lot of people, not to say there hasn’t been good times but people tend to remember the bad things more.

As you are looking at the new year coming and you find yourself wanting to level up and change things, to make healthier and better choices for your body, sanity, and soul. Just know…we are on the same path.

Keep moving forward, one task at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time.

As humans, we are so busy working and taking care of other people that we tend to forget about ourselves. Join us as we create a movement of salvation. We are saving ourselves so we can be better parents, children, spouses, and humans. We cannot truly care and take care of people, if we are not taking care of ourselves.

Do something your future self will thank you for!

Avenger Athletics has created a Level Up program to help people meet their goals. We will be doing this in the gym & virtually.

Level up is 90 days of consistency:

Drink water upon waking

Drink 1 gal of water a day

Workout for 90 mins/day, 2 workouts/day

Mental health checkup

Take daily pics

Track TV/phone usage

Get 6-8 hours of sleep

Remove processed and chemically generated foods and drinks

There is a daily checklist to help keep you on track.

You can start anytime but once you do, it is for 90 days.

90 Days of Consistency goes with the ‘Level Up’ classes, so you can meet your goals.

Level Up Classes:

Functional Strength Classes in the Gym



Virtual classes

Wishing everyone a new year filled with moments that feed your soul!

Avenger Athletics

–Coach Estreya