Momma C – Always & Forever

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you the loss of one of our own. 

Connie Mancuso, or Momma C as she was known, passed away peacefully in her sleep. 

                                         In Loving Memory Of

                                  Connie R. (Dudley) Mancuso

                         July 10, 1954 ~ June 18, 2022 (age 67)

We started moms journey last May when we went to Univ of Penn to see if she could do a lung transplant. That was not the best option for her. Mom always knew and was very adamant about being with family and dying at home. I always thought someone dying at home would be creepy afterwards but it’s actually comforting. Everyone was exactly where they were supposed to be.

She was very sick but we were able to extend her life for a little over a year with some strength training and nutrition. The nutrition was huge because mom couldn’t do anything that would interfere with breathing and her heart rate. Believe it or not, she was down almost 100 lbs from a year ago. 

Mom loved to eat Angels food, play games, read books, and spend time with her family. She would get daily hugs and loves from Ollie, Garfield, & Rosco. They miss her every day, as they sleep on her bed and chair, and as Rosco sniffs for her in her room.

We knew where we would end up, as we all will, as time is not guaranteed; however, we were still not ready.

Thank you for checking in, everyone! I will say I’m good, I’m fine…the house is quiet and feels empty. Moms spirit is no longer here, which was huge. We don’t hear her machines, her phone alarm or ringing, her crushing water bottles, her tv, her speaker phone calls, Rosco crashing through the gate to get to her lap, her calling for one or all of us to go to the store, for water, watermelon, popsicles, or for everyone but me to get her candy or snacks. 😂😭. It’s quiet.

Mom lived her best life with us and I’m just sorry we didn’t have more time, even as crazy as we drove each other.

Momma C…that’s my momma. She will be loved and missed ~ Always & Forever

Please keep our gym family in your thoughts and prayers, and bear with us as we return to some semblance of normalcy. Thank you. 

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