Level Up – Life Challenge: Homemade Granola, No Junk

Level Up – Life Challenge: Homemade PB Granola

How changing foods that you pick will change your life!

As we level up our life, we must also level up on our food choices. Choose foods with lower salt & sugar, in addition to eating more meats/protein, vegetables, and fruits.

Recipe: Homemade PB Granola

Takes 5 mins to prep. The oven does the rest!

1. Warm the pb, vanilla, & honey. Then mix together with the oats.

2. Use a natural PB with lower salt and sugar!

—Bake at 350 for 25 mins.

—Let cool for 45.

Great things about this recipe…this is a lower fat granola since it doesn’t contain nuts & coconut oil.

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