Here’s 5 Reasons Avenger Athletics Is For You

Hate gym culture or what you have experienced but want to get fit?

Here are 5 reasons Avenger Athletics is for you:

1. The first person you will meet when walking in will be @coachestreya and she is supportive, knowledgeable, positive, and passionate about inspiring you to work hard and do your best.

2. Training will be customized to your skill and strength level.

3. Our community will keep you accountable and support you on your fitness journey.

4. There is no judging or intimidation. We want to see everyone reach their goals, small and big.

5. We have certified coaches who love what they do and they look forward to helping you get stronger, healthier, and happier.

Send us a message for a free trial with one of our coaches.

We take you where you are, break you down, and rebuild you!


One day or Day 1? You decide!

–Coach Estreya