Avengers Never Say Die

Thankful Tuesday…Thankful as we get ready for cold weather, and the holidays that are approaching.

Thankful that we have a great community to help and support each other, when there are dark days and clouds.

Thankful for the time we’ve been given to wake up another day and do the things we love with the people we want to spend it with.

“Avengers Never Say Die!”

Thankful because we got each others’ six!

As a gym, it is our responsibility to help people…change their lifestyle so they have more energy and time for their families with the ability to do the things that they enjoy and love!

It’s not about using equipment and shit showing, it’s not about fortune and fame, and it’s not about trying to up the next gym by low balling or trying to steal members!

Thankful is knowing we are here to make people and the world better, one person at a time. It’s seeing the whole picture not just the one that gets us attention and IG fans! It’s doing the right thing, all the time, even when no one is watching!

It’s accountability and dedication to a craft, and becoming as great as you want to be, and being supported and cheered for along the way…no matter what.

That’s what being an Avenger is. That’s what being part of our community is! That’s what being a gym that gives two shits is! It’s everything!

We have Buddy Fukker Days tonight at 6. Join us…get out of your house, get off the couch…even if is to stop and visit or stop and bs. Humans were not meant to sit on a couch or chair all day! Join me tonight. Change your life one step at a time!

—Coach Estreya